Our equipment is always up to the job. We have options for all applications. Compaction Plates, Cement Mixers, Block Splitters, Concrete Vibrating Pokers and much more.

4-3 Concrete-Mixer - Petro & Electric
5-3.5 Concrete Mixer - Diesel
Back Pack Poker - Petrol
Big Blue - Easy Float
Concrete Planer 125mm 110v
Concrete Poker Shaft 1in - 3inl
Dimple Roller
Forward Reverse Plate Compactor 400mm 16 inch---Diesel
FR200 Floor Scabbler - Petrol & Electric
Fresno Broom
High Frequency Poker-110v
Paddle Mixer-110v
Pedestrian Roller - Petrol
Plate Compactor 300mm 12inch - Petrol
Plate Compactor 350mm 14inch - Petrol
Plate Compactor 400mm 16inch - Petrol
Power Float 36 inch - Petrol
Powerfloat Finishing Pan
Probst Block Splitter
Ride On Powerfloat
Single Drum Roller 28 - Diesel
Trench Rammer Compactor - Petrol
Vibrating Poker Drive Unit - Petrol